Here’s to a Thinner, Sweeter Life between Meals

At this time next week, you could be through with the cravings for sugar. At this time next month, you could be down a few pounds and free of self-loathing and guilt. A year from now, you could have a thinner sweeter life.

If you’re like me, you’ve been around the diet and food wars for a long time. You’ve invested a lot of money and energy and deprivation in trying to get food into a safe place in your life so that you can have a right-sized body and peace and freedom. But nothing seems to last.

Until now, you’ve probably been focused on the food: what NOT to eat, how much NOT to eat, when NOT to eat. And it’s given you some results but then those results just fade away. The same thing happened to me until I figured out why.

Because it isn’t about the food. And it isn’t about the NOTs.

That’s right. My obesity wasn’t about what I ate and yours probably isn’t either. What keeps us overeating and
self-medicating with food isn’t what’s at the grocery store or the drive-thru.

What keeps us overeating are the circumstances of our lives.

I became a sugar addict at age 9. Even after I got sober in 1989, I kept using sugar to make my life better. (I tell my story in my books, Sober Truths and Candy Girl). It took me many decades to get into a right relationship with food. It wasn’t easy. But it was doable and it has so been worth it.

For most of us, recovery from food addiction, obsession, and compulsion isn’t possible until we can say YES to creating a sweeter, more satisfying life between meals.

The 52-week program of Support for the Journey is an affordable way to get coaching and help as you make changes for a thinner, sweeter life without sugar and other demon foods.

Each week, you’ll receive an email from me with tips, ideas, and support to make those changes. You’ll find out how I handled the first year of successful abstinence from demon foods and how you can too.

For more than 20 years, I’ve been coaching people in recovery from addiction and discouragement as we work together to find more meaningful and creative lives. And for the last decade, I’ve been exploring these topics in my blog ( and in my books. Now I want to share my ideas and support with you.

Every week for a full year you’ll get a new Support Conversation. These 52 Conversations will center

on our relationships in the sweeter life: with food, with family and friends, with work, with health, with our inner peace, and with our bodies.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn in the first few weeks:

  • Giving up the D word (diet) and getting comfortable with the A word (abstinence)
  • Changing your relationship to hunger
  • Lightening up your environment so you can lighten up your body
  • Tips and tools for easing the way

Order now and you’ll get these additional supports free:

  • A sample meal plan that makes the change so much easier
  • Recipes for some of the delicious dishes that have helped me stay interested in abstinence and off sugar and flour
  • 10 ways to handle parties and holiday events without sabotaging your progress
  • A pdf version of my book Sober Play

Ready to get started towards that thinner, sweeter life?

Take the first step now by ordering below…

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You’ll get instant access to the first issue and all the bonuses as soon as your order is complete. Then you’ll receive a new Support Boost each week.

I hope you’ll join me!.



What if I decide this isn’t the program for me? Is there a refund? First, if you are unsure if this program is for you, reach out. Email me at and let’s talk about what you’re needing so you can make this decision knowing it’s the support you need. This program is designed for those committed to creating a thinner, sweeter life between meals, and in that spirit I don’t offer refunds. Once you jump in, you’re in.

Does my membership ever expire? Great question! Because recovery is as much of a circle as it is a journey, you’ll most likely want to look at the coaching lessons over again. I encourage you to download the pdfs into a file on your computer or print them out and keep them in a notebook. At the same time, you will have access to the documents as long as they are available.

Can I share the pdfs? I understand this desire to share information that inspires or excites you. However, your membership gives you alone the right to access the files. Of course, you can share the ideas we dive into with whomever you like. But the actual property belongs to the program. (And if you really like it, you can invite your buddies to join the program! At only $197, they’ll get way more than they pay for!)

Can I access everything in the program now? You can access the modules that I have completed so far. I am writing the modules in real time each week. As I write the module each week, I’ll load it to a single members-only page where you can access it. Then as the year rolls on, you’ll get updated content each week!

If you have any other questions, let me know! Send me an email and I’ll reply ASAP: