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Forget New Year’s Resolutions: Create a Thinner, Sweeter Life in 2017 Instead

I used to be the queen of New Year’s Resolutions. In tidying up last year, I found a list from when I was 9! Nine years old and I was already trying to fix myself. Changing my relationship with food and my weight wasn’t on that first list, but it was on the list for about 30 years. But it wasn’t on the list last year and it won’t be on the list this year. Here’s why:

In October 2015, I came to a crossroads. In 14 months, I was going to be 70. And I could be 70 and fat or 70 and a lot thinner. I could be a fat old lady dragging the equivalent of twelve (!) 10-pound bags of kitty litter around on my body and experiencing all the complications that went with that. Or I could be an old lady with a thinner, healthier, more energetic body. How? First, by accepting my unhealthy relationship with food for what it was: an addiction to most combinations of sugar, flour, and fat, then by stepping fully into recovery through a healthy eating plan and creating a sweeter life for myself between meals that didn’t have food at its center.

I was willing to say yes. I was willing to get honest about my relationship with food and stay honest. I was also ready to change. I was so tired of the weight and the shame and the guilt and the self-loathing and the fear for my health.

Maybe you’re willing now too and ready to change. While the journey ahead isn’t easy, it is totally doable with support and support is available. Consider one of the 12-Step food programs, such as OA or FA, or check out

And consider joining me on January 7 for a 3-hour workshop at New Renaissance Bookstore in Portland, Oregon. For information: or email me for details.

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